The Chamber is:

  an independent, non-political, subscription-based association dedicated to promoting a business-friendly environment;

  an impartial, credible non-profit association, which enables it to negotiate contracts and secure funding for projects that benefit its community;

  comprised of members from every sector of the economy, ranging from small entrepreneurs to large corporates;

  involved in a number of initiatives to promote regional development, enterprise and skills development, training and business advisory services



BATOBIC Programme:             



The BATOBIC (Barberton Tourism and Biodiversity Corridor) Programme is a local economic development programme initiated and administered by the Chamber.

It has its roots in 1999 when the Chamber investigated how it could contribute to the social and economic well being of its community, through the available skills of its members. This led to the Tourism and Biodiversity Corridor strategy which recognised that firstly, while remaining the sound foundation from which to build, the historical sectors of mining, agriculture and forestry offer little opportunity for growth, and secondly, the economic future of the area should be centered on nature and culture based industries such as wildlife and tourism, due to the large undeveloped potential of these sectors.

A range of related projects were identified. This strategy and its projects were later incorporated into all levels of government planning and some of the projects were then implemented by various government agencies. The largest and most critical of the projects was the Bulembu Road construction project, which was implemented by the Chamber.

The successful adoption of the strategy and in particular construction of the Bulembu road gave rise to what is today know as the BATOBIC Programme.



The objective of the Batobic Programme is the development of sustainable nature based, adventure and cultural tourism in both a regional (Tourism and Biodiversity Corridor) and sub-regional context, through an integrated approach.



The BATOBIC Programme today has a full time office and staff who drive the implementation of the various projects and programme objectives. See the current projects of the programme listed on the left menu for more information.

Further projects are constantly identified and added. A core focus of the programme is to source further grant funding for project interventions and to facilitate private investment into suitable projects.

Download the Batobic Strategy - March 2011 (MS Word 2.5mb).


The Team

A core team manages the overall programme while making use of a range of outside service providers and professionals as required.

    Programme Manager: Godfrey Mogoane
    Relationship Manager: Mark Ngwenyama
    Administration Manager: Danita Stott 

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